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UEC BMX European Cup
This year for the first time @Papendal: the BMX European Cup. Where power, technology and guts come together. Where the world’s best cross riders compete with each other. But also the place to introduce the youngest cross riders to Papendal. Come to the BMX European Cup on 26 and 27 April and see the spectacle with your own eyes! 2020 promises to be an extra special year because no fewer than 3500 riders are coming to Papendal. In addition, we organize the tenth edition of the World Cup at Papendal the following week. There is no other location that has organized so many BMX events.

Bicycle Motocross (BMX). One of the most spectacular cycling disciplines. It came over from the United States in the eighties where cross riders rode on motocross tracks with small bikes. Since 2008, BMX is an Olympic sport.

This year several competitions are being held again. The Dutch drivers can score important points for the Olympic qualification rankings. This Olympic country ranking will determine how many riders each country may send to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the summer of 2020. If the Netherlands is among the top two countries in the ranking at the end of the qualifying period, then three riders may go to Tokyo. It is therefore important that Dutch drivers perform well every race.

In 2020 you can enjoy BMX even longer because different races are being held @Papendal, late April and early May. A UEC BMX European Cup is held both on Saturday and on Sunday. A week later the BMX Supercross World Cup is organized. A unique opportunity for BMX fans to see their heroes in action. Or to get acquainted with this dynamic sport.

Will you come cheer for our Dutch riders on 26 and 27 april?



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