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European Cup

About UEC European Cup
The UCI BMX Supercross was brought to the Netherlands for the first time in 2011. A giant milestone. Since then, the BMX World Cup has been organized @Papendal annually. This will be the first year we organize the European Cup @Papendal; one on Saturday and the other on Sunday.

Will you join us in the weekend of 25 and 2 September 2021? The event @Papendal has grown out to be a classic on the calendar: all world champions find their way to Papendal.

About Papendal
The first European Cup will take place @Papendal on Saturday 25 September and Sunday 26 September 2021. The High Performance Centre in the woods of Arnhem. And home base of the National BMX selections.

It promises to be an exciting race on the home track @Papendal. In 2018 the UCI announced that Papendal’s bid for the World Championships in 2021 was approved. Therefore in 2019 a 5 meter starting ramp was built and changes to the first straight were made, in order to make the track accessible to all riders. This European Cup provides BMX-riders of all ages with a great opportunity to discover the challenging Papendal track for the first time. Would you like to know more about High Performance Centre Papendal? Take a look at

About UEC
The European Cycling Union (UEC) was founded on 7th April 1990 at the request of 18 countries. It now represents 50 affiliated nations in Europe. The UEC is one of the 5 continental confederations which are members of the International Cycling Union (UCI). The UEC seeks to promote the interests of European cycling in all disciplines and to represent the interests of European cycling federations. UEC’s main aim is the development and encouragement of all cycling disciplines in Europe. It organises all the European Championships and European Cups. Each year the UEC is organising more than 50 days of competition, including 20 European championships, in all cycling disciplines: road, track, cyclocross, BMX, mountainbike, trials and indoor cycling.

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European Cup