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Track Papendal

Papendal Supercross track

The BMX Supercross track at Olympic Training Centre Papendal was built in 2011, going into the Olympic Games of London a copy of the Olympic track was created. Over the years several changes were made. For example, going into the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016, the middle of the track was changed into the Olympic design.

In 2018 the UCI announced that Papendal’s bid for the World Championships in 2021 was approved. Therefore in a 5 meter starting ramp is being built and changes to the first straight were made, in order to make the track accessible to all riders. This European Cup provides BMX-riders of all ages with a great opportunity to discover the challenging Papendal track for the first time.

Rent the track

There are possibilities to rent the Papendal track for training purposes:

  • Costs are €341 for two hours (two hours is the minimum) (including VAT);
  • Per session a maximum of 24 riders;
  • All riders need to be in the possession of the (international) license of their federation and certified coaches need to be present at all times during practise;
  • The 5 meter starting hill is available per April 1st, until then only teams with elite riders can rent the track;
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